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ECT - Electro Cancer Therapy. The Result Of Decades Of Research

Dr Weber
It has long been recognised that electricity can have a beneficial effect in the treatment of cancer. Many years of research by Dr Weber in Cologne, and developments in computer technology mean that ECT can now be utilised as a reliable treatment for many cancers. Our patients are fortunate to be able to benefit directly from Dr Weber's years of research and experience with ECT, as he now fulfils an advisory role at our ECT clinic in Cologne. Dr Weber is also responsible for training physicians in the use of ECT throughout the world.

The latest ECT machines are state of the art and computer controlled, offering patients a safe and non-invasive alternative to conventional cancer treatments. ECT not only out-performs many of the conventional cancer treatments, but doesn't have any of the unpleasant side effects associated with these.

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ECT For Prostate Cancer

If your consultant has advised 'watchful waiting', or your prostate cancer is more active and requires surgery or treatment, ECT is the non-invasive treatment you should consider first. Find out how to take control of your prostate cancer.